Dedications – Progressive Alternative Metalcore meets Ambient.

In March 2015 Dedications officially launched their project. Along with the release of their debut album “Memories”, all that has been worked on over a period of over one year behind closed doors has been uploaded on various social media platforms.

Two months later, the first appearance on local television followed with a little chat about the project and their first music video for the single “Save Me”.
In early December, Dedications opened for the Vienna Core Fest, which has been their first live show.

To create something new, to experiment and to do it with passion has always been the intention of the band. Each member, all of them coming from different musical backgrounds, plays an important role in making Dedications what it is. A well thought-out mixture of various styles combined to a whole.

Most important for the constant process of development and growing though, is the support of so many others surrounding the project. Friends, family and fans make it possible for the band to continue with their work and gain experience to improve themselves and their musical output with every step they take.

Thank you so much for giving us this chance.

is our lead guitarist, a dedicated musician in every way and the developer of this website.
Alexander SAlexander
is our rhythm guitarist and gives our troop an exotic touch.
Alexander KAlexander
is our beloved frontman and primarily responsible for our lyrics. He wanted to play at weddings, accidentally joined the wrong band.
provides the rumble from down under and is really talented when it comes to graphic design.
beats the sh#t out of the drums and takes the role of our rhythmical genius
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